Varsity Catholic


Dear student-athlete,

I want to start by commending you for your interest thus far. There are too few like you.

The sports industry in the US was estimated a few years ago at $414 Billion. This industry influences the entire globe, including millions of youth in the US alone.

Our hope is to provide an opportunity for every college athlete to be introduced to Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church. With a fully Christian vision, an athlete can reach his potential in his sport and life. Virtue, character, integrity, goodness, humility – these are traits we desire every athlete to embrace.

If we can help college athletes live with this Christian vision, they will eventually bring it to every other level of sports in our culture. From there, we make the world of sport what it is called to be – a school of virtue and an experience of "feeling God's pleasure".

Please consider joining us in developing the complete athlete. With God’s grace and your willingness to serve, we can change the world.


Thomas Wurtz

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