Varsity Catholic

Varsity Catholic and Catholic Baseball Camp

In a typical beautiful day in San Diego, Mike Sweeney (5-time MLB All-Star) saw a dream become a reality. The first ever Catholic Baseball Camp in the US commenced on July 24th, 2012. With nearly 160 campers, the event started with an abundance of grace and excitement – and the Eucharist. Joining Mike were a handful of former Major League players – Trevor Hoffman, Jermaine Dye, and Steve Finley to name a few.

As the Director of Varsity Catholic, I was blessed to spend a day with Mike and the camp and even help with the coaching. It was a joy leading a group of 11-14 year old boys from station to station and watching the Major League veterans give them instruction on hitting, fielding, and pitching. The blessings didn’t stop there. In just the first day of camp, we heard from Trevor Hoffman (the first player in Major League History to record 600 saves), Mike Sweeney and Philip Rivers (QB for the San Diego Chargers) about their love of the Catholic faith and the importance of making Jesus Christ number one in our life.

I am humbled and extremely grateful to Mike for choosing Varsity Catholic as one of the beneficiaries of the proceeds from the camp. Mike has been a great friend and faithful supporter of our work.

Please join me and our staff in praying for athletes around the world, especially those on our college campuses, and for all the various efforts to transform sport into what it should be!